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Every piece of Hummingbird Jewellery is hand made with love and care; working with moon cycles and goddess rituals, and utilising shamanic wisdom gained from many years of travel, metaphysical practices and plant medicine work.

I work with a wide range of natural materials including crystals, metals, leather and locally foraged treasures such as sea glass, feathers, bones and shells to create unique and potent talismans. The styling is feminine, bohemian, tribal.


Each element is carefully selected for its intrinsic healing properties as well as its beauty. The creation process is a delicate harmony of energy, colour, texture and form; designed to meet a specific healing need; be it emotional, physical or spiritual.


Hummingbird Jewellery is based on the stunning Wild Atlantic Way in West Cork, Ireland and can be found in selected gift shops in Ireland. Alternatively, you can browse securely worldwide through my online shop. If you would like a custom piece of jewellery made specially for you, please contact me.

Blessed Be


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