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The Hummingbird Story

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Hummingbird Jewellery
Made in West Cork
West Cork Stone Circle

Hummingbird Jewellery is proudly hand made in West Cork, on the southern most tip of Ireland. Celtic myths and legends are alive and well in this ancient place. Sacred sites abound, many left untouched, many more revered and honoured as resting places of the fae; for offerings can regularly be seen, tied to trees or laid out on altar stones.


This land inspires me; personally and creatively and has helped me grow into my fullness. My ancestors once came here, many thousands of years ago and I can still feel their call when the veils thin or the mists come down.

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To me the Hummingbird is the perfect symbol to represent our life's spiritual journey; epic, courageous and ultimately transformative This tiny bird migrates a huge distance from Brazil to Canada each year in response to its ancestral call... just as we humans will feel an undeniable spiritual pull when it's time to travel our own sacred path.

This can happen at any point in life and may lead us to make extraordinary changes; leaving behind the shed skin of an old life to fearlessly embrace the new.


The intrinsic healing power of crystals are a gift to support us on this journey with an infinite range of energistic properties to draw upon. I often find that a crystal 'calls' to one in need; offering exactly the energy required to replenish body, mind and spirit.


In recent years I have connected with the ancient wisdom of the grand-mothers... wisdom we women all carry in our DNA. In such a time of great change and upheaval in the world, this awakening and remembering is most timely. It is this energy that fires my work to create jewellery with meaning and power. ​ May they bring blessings to you on your own journey…

Humminbird Jewellery logo files-20.png
Hummingbird Symbology
Snakeskin on altar
Shamanic Drum
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